Ambassador Program Rules

How It Works:

Affiliate Codes

  • You will receive your own personalized affiliate code that you can share with your followers each time you post about our products. This code will give your followers a discount when purchasing from us if they apply it during checkout on our website.
  • You may use your affiliate code during checkout to receive a discount when purchasing from our shop.

Social Media

  • You must be following us on social media via the account you applied to our program with. Our Instagram is @kylielyndesigns and our TikTok is @kylielyndesignsofficial.
  • You must post a minimum of 2x per month.
  • Each time you post about us on social media, make sure to tag us and use #KylieLynDesigns in the caption! 
  • As long as you tag us, there's a chance that your content could be featured on our Instagram or TikTok!  
  • When posting to social media, you must use the account that you applied to our program with.

Free Products

  • If you continue to post about Kylie Lyn Designs at least twice a month, you will be sent new products at the beginning of every month free of charge. You can use these products to help you create your social media content.
  • If you fail to post at least twice in a month, you will not be sent free products the next month.
  • Reminder: when you receive your welcome email, you have to press "claim" to claim your products! Otherwise a shipping label for you will not be created for you and we won't have a way to mail you your free products.

Content Ideas

  • Take a video of yourself unboxing our products
  • Photograph or film our products in use
  • Film yourself talking positively about our store
  • Review our products

There's so many more content ideas to choose from, feel free to get creative with it! :)

*Disclaimer: you must live in the USA to join our program.