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Treat People With Kindness Waterproof Sticker

Treat People With Kindness Waterproof Sticker

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-Printed on high quality vinyl sticker paper, which gives each sticker a higher lifespan than that of a sticker printed on regular non-waterproof sticker paper. 

-Laminated to ensure that the ink won't scratch off, adding a beautiful glossy look to the sticker.

-Perfect for water bottles, mugs, tumblers, laptops, and even cars!

-They leave very little residue behind when peeled off, and whatever remainder is left can be removed with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.



Each sticker is approximately 2.5"  inches in diameter.



- The processing time for this item is about 3-5 days. 

- Each order is shipped through USPS.

- To track your order, you can google "USPS tracking" and copy and paste your tracking number in the bar that pops up. 

Follow us on Instagram: @kylielyndesigns for updates and more! Designed and Printed in Colorado, USA.

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